Intermedia artist

About me

I'm an Eastern European intermedia artist. The simple forms and the natural phenomena are an excellent starting point when it comes to constructing an interactive experience. I always strive to bring joy and amusement to the participants when designing an artwork.

Featured works

Break the Bubble!

An interactive insight into the bubbles we create ourselves and how they dictate our social relationships.

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Kindred 2.0

An immersive interactive experience inviting the audience to disclose the hidden, augmented digital extensions of the human bodies through new media technologies. Revolving around the idea of tangibility in human connections, the aim is to unveil a bigger connection while representing the duality between the real world and the virtual realm.

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Neural Bonds

Neural Bonds offers the public an immersive ambient experience in which they can visualize the activity and the interpenetration of the information fluxes that compose brain signals and human thinking.

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Plexus shows graphically, through the movement of the participant-spectator, the relationship between the brain and the muscles in a minimalist way the structure of a neural network.

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Concrete Nests

Concrete Nests brings together individuals all across the world in a virtual apartment building in which they express their innermost experiences during the recent pandemic.

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